Doron Zehavi

Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA

My Own Feed

User configurable news feed for web & Android.

  • date_range Time Frame April 2017 - Ongoing
  • language Languages Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • dashboard Frameworks Spring, Android, Thymeleaf
  • build Tools IntelliJ, Gradle, Git, Heroku, Postgres, SQLite
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Speed-read e-books and articles one word at a time.

  • date_range Time Frame March 2014 - May 2014
  • language Languages Java
  • dashboard Frameworks Android
  • build Tools IntelliJ, Gradle, Git
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Virtual Front View

Device to device video streaming over Wi-Fi Direct.

  • date_range Time Frame January 2015 - March 2015
  • language Languages Java
  • dashboard Frameworks Android, Wi-Fi Direct
  • build Tools IntelliJ, Git, Wireshark, Libstreaming, VLC
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Alarm clock that launches TV dashboard using Chromecast.

  • date_range Time Frame September 2015 - October 2015
  • language Languages Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • dashboard Frameworks Android, Google Cast
  • build Tools IntelliJ, Git, CastCompanion
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